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Meet Nichole.

Whata Gwan! My name is Nichole! I am the owner of Rooted in Culture and a lover of all things flowers and food. I dream in color palettes that scream abundance and Rooted in Culture was created out of those dreams. The rich nostalgia and warmth of my Jamaican roots are woven throughout my catering and floral designs, and my dishes are savory recipes that have been passed down from my mother and father, and their mothers and fathers. With every meal, I’m paying homage to the traditional foods, spices, and culinary practices perfected over generations. However, in setting out on your own, there's beauty in adding twists and accents to create something wonderfully different.

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    The Team.

    As a team, we thrive in beauty that challenges societal norms and it shows in our artistry. We push the boundaries with color, flavor, and presentation and our clients love that about us. Through years of experience, we've come to understand that the creative process is best executed when our clients participate—judgment free. This squad is now your favorite judge free zone!

    Vonne Williams

    Event Manager

    Matthew Casillas

    Yana Edwards