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Healthy & Fresh.

The kitchen is the ultimate creative space and at Rooted in Culture, we are proud to create delicious meals for all the events we cater. Daily, we strive to challenge the approach to Jamaican cuisine by creating dishes with integrity and great quality ingredients. For us, that means that 80% of our produce and herbs are sourced from local farms. It's also seasonal and organic. Further, our chicken, lamb, goat and beef are 100% grass-fed or organic and our seafood is wild-caught. We go the extra mile to serve creative, healthy, and delicious food to our customers and we welcome the opportunity to tell you more about our catering services.


Our Menu.

Rooted in Culture primarily offers drop off catering service. However, we have options to provide everything needed to make your event—large or small— effortlessly successful. This includes optional staffing, coordination of rentals, passed hors d’ oeuvres, custom items and packaging, décor, and more. Our team will design a menu to suit your dietary restrictions, needs, and aesthetics. We invite you to download our menu for a sampling of what we offer.


Never Eaten

From the coffee grown in the lush Blue Mountains to the plentiful fruit trees interspred across the island, Jamaica has one of the most diverse cuisines in the world due to its natural resources and the global inhabitants who have called it home. Never eaten it? Please allow us to introduce you to the world through the flavors of Jamaican Food.

Coal Roasting

Jamaican's natural love of seafood is partially attributed to the resources naturally available to the island. However, the native Arwak Indians passed down their coal-roasting techniques to lend a hand creating remarkable roasted seafood, breadfruit, chicken and other popular dishes.

Curried Curiosities

As Asians, specifically Indians and Chinese, forayed in the Carribean, they brought curries and woks with them and changed the game for everyone. Since then, Jamaicans have curried everything from Goat to Oxtail, creating some of the most popular dishes in Jamaica.

Spicy Treats

The Spanish came next to Jamaica and they brought the heat. Spicy Jamaican foods like Beef. Patties, Peppered Shrimp and Pepper Pot Soup are traditional favorites. However, there are so many other dishes that take advantage of another Jamaican native— the scotch bonnet pepper.

Jerk Everything

Enslaved Africans heavily influenced the culinary offerings of Jamaica too. With heavy stews and a combination of aromatics and spices know today as jerk seasonings, Jamaican favorites like Jerk chicken, pork, and fish are known the world over.

Sweet Thangs

The British came to Jamaica and brought their sweetooth and hankering for breads with them. So colonization gave us Bread Pudding, Cornmeal Porridge, Festival and Fried Dumplings—dishes that are now common in Jamaican cuisine.

Fresh & Healthy

Rastafarianism, born in Jamaica. in the 30's, brought a Rastafarian diet—known as 'ital'— which is similar to veganism. As the movement grew, so did Jamaica's taste for fresh and healthy foods and juices made strictly from the plentiful produce on the island.


Our Catering

Here's a quick reminder of the four simple policies that allow us to offer you great service. Go ahead and read them and if you have any question or concerns, then reach out to us.

Give Us Time

All catering orders should be placed at least 72 hours in advance.

Give Us Half

50% of your deposit is needed to process the order.

It's Giving Party Time

The final balance is due 24 hrs before delivery. Delivery charges may vary.

Giving Up?

All cancellations must be made at least 72 hours before the event.


We had you at jerk chicken! Whatever it is, thank you for entrusting your vision to us. Now follow through and leave a message and we will contact you shortly.